Accessories of light

Internal Venetian blinds and slats

In the ScreenLine® system, the sun shading is placed inside the cavity, between the two panes.

This system does not alter the insulating properties of the glass (Ug), but absolutely improves the control of the sun's rays, being extremely adaptable according to requirements. It corresponds to an external solar shading element according to the regulations in force.

The blind can be moved by means of a manual cord control (direction and lifting), manual knob (direction only), a rechargeable battery unit and an electric motor connected to the mains. When fully raised, the package occupies only 3% of the height of the glass.

Details made to measure

Door Panels

Our door panels are made from Mineral Panel and internal insulation, innovative, strong and high-performance materials, which ensure that the frame stays stable and effective.

Available in many colour options and models.

Pannelli Sottoporta
Details of your style

Interior Shutters

These classic shutter solutions, used in certain areas and in specific types of construction, are made to measure by us. Shutters give a window a traditional look, and are considered by the regulations in force as an internal solar shading element, thus contributing to the performance of the window.

Scuretti Interni
Tradition and style

Muntin bars

Muntin bars are decorative elements with strong links to the tradition and tastes of certain geographical areas.

They can give the entire building a special character. They come in many different versions for the sections, colours, inside the double glazing or applied on the outside.



Attention to detail is the goal of our everyday work.

We want every element of furnishing to truly reflect the personality of the people that live there. Minimalist style for the handles by Fossati, dedicated to design and lightness.