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CEO of Fossati Serramenti

Giovanni Fossati

The sole administrator of the company, he has striven to promote actions which have led Fossati Serramenti to become one of the main players in the Italian window market. Attention to detail, continuous research into technology and plenty of perseverance have allowed it to focus on developing production models and has opened up the road towards innovation.


Where our creations come from

Fossati windows and doors are made in two factories located in the province of Piacenza, covering a total area of over 55,000 m2. The production areas are set up in a functional way to allow automated, interconnected industrial production. All the workstations have built-in digital technology which helps monitor the production processes.

Factory expansion


CEO Giovanni Fossati’s clear vision has led him to bring to completion a significant expansion of its factories and logistics. Factory 2 now has a total surface area of 12,900 m2, 6,600 m2 of which are entirely devoted to logistics operations. And new, far-reaching steps for the company's growth have already been planned out for the upcoming three years.

Positive innovation


Sustainability is a complex process and a tool for growth and development. With this in mind, we launched our commitment to design and build window and door fittings that stand the test of time, featuring outstanding thermal insulation properties that lower the energy requirements of homes and buildings but also limit CO2 emissions which are harmful for the climate and the environment. For us, sustainability is also about social cohesion, safety and high-quality, well-lit, socially distanced workstations.

Fossati Serramenti

Recycling and energy self-sufficiency.

The company is undergoing a transformation, steering its course towards sustainability by investing in energy savings and corporate welfare projects. Solar shading now runs the entire perimeter of the factory buildings, minimising the use of energy. And with photovoltaic panels, the company has reduced down to zero the electric power demanded from the grid in the months offering more sunlight. The company is also moving towards zero waste. Scrap materials from manufacturing processes all find a new life.


100 years of history

Fossati Serramenti was founded in 1920 by Giovanni Fossati. At first, the business mainly focused on processing wood. In 2008, Giovanni Fossati, the founder’s grandson, had the idea of focusing on processing PVC profiles. This decision opened up the road to new businesses. With a turnover of about €27 million, Fossati Serramenti is currently one of the market leaders in the sector in Italy.

Always perfect deliveries

Professionalism and punctuality

The company has always prided itself of delivering its products on time and in perfect condition. It now delivers to about 900 customers spread all across Italy through an efficient transport service. To ensure that our windows and doors arrive intact, we use an effective pallet system with protective film to protect the transported goods, which also allows customers to store the products easily.

Made in Italy Excellence

Proudly Italian

The Made in Italy concept has always conveyed taste, sophistication and elegance the world over. Fossati Serramenti Srl was named among the top 100 outstanding Italian companies in 2018, an award it received at Montecitorio Palace. It is a source of great pride and gratitude for our brand to be recognised as one of the main representatives of the Made in Italy label.

A style that becomes a model

Quality and craftsmanship

High-quality raw materials and craftsmanship, applied to 4.0 model industrial production: here are the hallmark features of Fossati products. Expert professionals and next-gen industrial systems help bring the company’s innovative ideas to life, which are always guided by the pursuit of excellence. Attention to detail is a strength of all our flawless-quality products, in keeping with the Made in Italy label.